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EML 4551 • Ethics and Senior Design Organization • Fall 2011 Florida International University • Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering • Miami SENIOR DESIGN ORGANIZATION PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS Fall 2011 AIR BEARING UPGRADE FOR THE SPLIT-HOPKINSON PRESSURE BAR A PROJECT SPONSORED BY THE US AIR FORCE RESEARCH LAB Team 1: Danny Adames, Michael Guzman, Mauricio Lastres, Gecory Saint-Fort The Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) is an experimental apparatus used to study material properties under high-strain rate conditions. The relationship between stress and strain can be very different for high-strain rate applications compared to the same material under typical low- strain rate tests. The SHPB apparatus consists of a material sample that is placed between two straight metal bars called the incident bar and the transmitted bar. An air gun is used to accelerate a striker bar which impacts the incident bar causing a shock wave that propagates through all the bars and the sample. The bars are mounted on bushing type contact bearings that only allow axial motion. 1D stress wave theory is then used to analyze the material sample. Since the operating
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SeniorDesignOrg-2011fall-T1-ProjectSummary - SENIOR DESIGN...

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