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EML 4551 • Ethics and Senior Design Organization • Fall 2011 Florida International University • Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering • Miami SENIOR DESIGN ORGANIZATION PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS Fall 2011 PANTERA: LUNAR REGOLITH EXCAVATOR FIU NASA LUNABOTICS MINING COMPETITION Team 3: Ramon Garo, Narine Harrylall, Janet Reyes In support of NASA’s goal of establishing a long-term manned presence on the moon, NASA has created the Lunabotics Mining Competition. The goal of the Lunabotics competition is to design and build a mobile robotic excavator—called a Lunabot—to mine and deposit a minimum of 10 kilograms of lunar simulant within 10 minutes. The competition places several constraints on the Lunabot and encourages many design characteristics to improve the platform’s practicality for an actual lunar mission. These constraints and other considerations include: The materials used in the construction of the Lunabot do not have to be rated for space conditions. However, the Lunabot cannot employ any physical processes that would not
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SeniorDesignOrg-2011fall-T3-ProjectSummary - SENIOR DESIGN...

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