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16_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution

16_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution - _i...

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Unformatted text preview: _._,_i l___y._j L.-. ...J LN} to; r—\ P.4J {:3 PROBLEM 1‘19 [.19 The axial force in the column supporting the timber beam shown is P = 75 kN. Determine the smallest allowable length I, of the bearing plate if the bearing stress in the timber is not to exceed 3.0 MPa SOLUTION =.E___‘F’_ 5b A‘Lw _ , . W Solvma -le.' L aw “L3.oxro%)(c.1+o) Iva.sxlo'3 m L: l78.6 mm d H LZO An axial load P is supported by a short W250 x.67 column of cross—sectional area A = 8580 mm2 and is distributed to a concrete foundation by a square plate as shown. Knowing that the average normal stress in the column must not exceed 150 MPa and that the bearing stress on the concrete foundation must not exceed 12.5 MPa, determine the side a of the plate which will pmvide the most economical and safe design. PROBLEM 1.20 SOLUTION Area Gl: Cajun-m3 A '-" ”gainers: 85-30 ”/04 W: Norma} ‘si-r‘ess in column? 5 = 150 HO" PA. 5': -E P: A 5‘: (9530K)6.)C150'I06) a 1.227 x 10‘ N =3- 4 A = ‘ F I Ab a». L O. or 57.)an p cite. (- .- __ 1.227210 __ 321x103m a» 325m ‘- Ab ‘ [I p H ...
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