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45_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution

45_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution -...

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Unformatted text preview: “1.58 The Load and Resistance Factor Design method is to be used to select the two cables which will raise and lower a platform supporting two window washers. The platform weighs 1601b and each of the window washers is assumed to weigh 195 lb with his equipment. Since these workers are free to move on the platform, 75% of their total weight and of the weight of their equipment will be used as the design live load of each cable. (61) Assuming a resistance factor ¢= 0.85 and load factors yo = 1.2 and n = 1.5, determine the required minimum ultimate load of one cable. (1:) What is the conventional factor of safety for the selected cables? H PROBLEM 1.53 SOLUTION 7‘ng + n9. = ‘PPU ?U : IY‘DIPD+YL?L - ‘P i _ (mafia:lgo)+(l.5\(%x2>¢l‘l§) 3 ' 0.35 = 62‘? fl». 4 Convene-Hawaii? ‘Fac‘l'ow 0F Sai‘e'fy P = 123+ a = 3'1» go + 0.75x2x1qs = 372.5 Ila 4 R5. = f!- = ‘32" = l.G%°l «- "”‘Q P 372.: ...
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