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255_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution

255_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution -...

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Unformatted text preview: 3.114 The solid circular shaft AB is made of a steel which is assumed to be elastoplastic with G = 11.2 X 10 6psi and I}, = 21 ksi. The torque T is increased until the radius of the elastic core is 0.25 in. Determine the maximum residual shearing stress in the shaft afier the torque T has been removed. 3.121 Aflerthe solid shaiiof Prob. 3.1 14 has been loaded and unloaded as described in that problem, a torque TI of sense opposite to the original torque T is applied to the shalt. Assuming no change in the value of ry, determine the magnitude T, of the torque 'l‘I required to initiate yield in this second loading and compare it with the SOLUTION magnitude T); of the torque T which caused the shaft to yield in the original loading. PROBLEM 3.121 From +h€ soflu‘How +0 PROBLEM 3.114 C, =’ 0.751%) L: 2'41.” 121 = 1’ km.) J 1' 0-4?701 in? The residual s'l'ress ail” p=c.. is Tm? 6.7+ ks! F01" paneling in He a!) 05:42 Sense?) 'He change (n s‘ims +0 Pl‘oaidce ”809*“sz yiQIJimj is 1’, = 11.- 7.1., 2:- 974 = 19.25 ksi __ Tc 1’. _(o.4’17o:)(l'-1.2é)__ , . {1' :TL’ ‘7‘. '-“ 'JE- - 0.737 - Q.‘t$,k.p.-m. a! '1; = 95751:. = W = I332 kip-in. ...
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