music as culture test 2

music as culture test 2 - 1.gamelan beleganjur Balinese...

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1.gamelan beleganjur - Balinese processional ensemble consisting of multiple gongs, drums, and cymbals, played in ritualistic contexts and in mondern music contests. 2. Bali and Java 3. gangsa- Keyed metallophone instrument in a Balinese gamelan., gong ageng- Great Gong, the largest gong in a gamelan, reyong - In the gamelan beleganjur, a set of four small, hand held gongs played in interlocking style, main function is to elaborate the musics core melody., 4. -related types of instruments (bronze gongs, bronze metallophones, drums, and end blown bamboo floots) -a basis in cyclic musical forms -related tuning systems, scales, and modes -mutipart textures in which the higher pitches instruments play at faster rhythmic rates than the lower pitch instruments. -melodic organization in which a slow moving core melody is embellished by faster moving melodies played on instruments. -close associations with various forms of dance, dance drama, and other arts. -a common historical foundation of hindu religious cultures, which is reflected symbolically in the music. 5. Central Javanese court gamelan - the greatest gamelan traditions associated with the royal courts of the cities of Yogyakarta and Surakarta; along with Balinese gamelan gong keybar, the best known type of gamelan internationally gamelan gong kebyar - Best known type of Balinese gamelan. Instrumentation features gangasa metallophones; gongs of many types, sizes, and functions; drums, cymbals, and other instruments. Associated with virttuosic kebyar musical style.
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/06/2008 for the course MUS mus 81 taught by Professor Richjankowsky during the Spring '08 term at Tufts.

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music as culture test 2 - 1.gamelan beleganjur Balinese...

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