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506_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution

506_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution -...

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Unformatted text preview: Ej— _ flair—:33 51—1 PROBLEM 5.20 5.19 and 5.20 Assuming the upward reaction of the ground to be uniformly distributed, draw the shear and bending-moment diagrams for the beam AB and determine the maximum value (a) of the shear, (b) of the bending moment. SOLUTION OVCV‘ ‘Hne whope beam +¢EF7=O “st-S-a: o w = 0.8 lav/Fr A'l'oc O‘XJ‘LSfi If)“ “EH! 3 0.8‘X-V=O V=O.8x f. v e x . “51"” DEM: ’ ‘9 -(o.3 x!-§-)+ M = o M: 0.4x" N C‘ V= L2 kip. , M = 0.61 kl‘P-H CED :.:F+¢x:c$+ 3 k’ M-trZ—szu 19 o.3x-3-V= M “He carter aF+Le lac-tun x = 3.75%} V: O, M: -I.IZ.5' kr‘r‘P’ A+ C+ V: -|.8 kn? M3 O.?ku":‘H' (a) Maximum NI "' L8 Rips (5) Humor" Int.- uzs KPH ...
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