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582_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution

582_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution - L4...

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Unformatted text preview: L4,._ 3 LVJ‘ Law”! r—‘I [é L,___l 1 5.99 Beams AB, BC, and CD have the cross section shown and are pin-connected at B PROBLEM 5-99 and C. Knowing that the allowable normal stress is +1 to We in tension and — 150 MP3. in compression, determine (a) the largest permissible value of w if beam BC is not to be omen-eased, (b) the corresponding maximum distance a for which the cantilever beamsAB and CD are not overstmlsed. . 12.3 mm r—zoo Mali SOLUTION .1 L Vs'-Vc. ’(i)(7-Z)w= 36w —H« 12.5mm Area. 8*, E a;- shame diam“ &l(3.c)(3.c'w) = 6.43 w ME:O+6.“3U7 6-43!» Cen+v~oicl ana‘ mameu'l’ 9'? Media. »Jr Atm‘l ‘ («no PM?) ecu-n Ad‘Cm“) I m“) “IE-W i975 75 moczs monauio' 3.:Icuto‘ an: 53:25:: 1.073 ulo‘ 3.5-cam‘ _ SSIZSD = Y - #4575 [2'33 mm I = ZAJ‘ + if , 10-92.: m‘ M: Bending manned; lim‘I-s M: -6'I/y Tail... 4+5; . - (Howa‘N-smmo's) .2 «Loam-to” no... we E': - (-15o.ao“)(zss-.euo:t);=- 33,9105 p.” Tdfi‘ouwM‘DA 41mm (m¢9.b‘*)'=~-29.4:-io’ n... Conrad A41): ‘-(-I59r{o‘)(-87.47nio'f =43J2lflo’ N- Anovsl'aje Ion, w 6.98:! Quanta" w = HSSWO’ N/m : 1A8: kid/m 4 Shear- ".+ A ' ‘v‘: =(a;+.3.-6) w Area. A +53 0‘? Queue” 5“},st i0.(v‘ +Vs) ‘-" %Q(d+7.2)w BMW Mama at .A (mum Mfl =Ha1m‘zzw a} +4an '1 Housman.” = - mm are” an} +.:.13-.€>a.--7?.83'7 .. o 7 of: mass m -- ...
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