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754_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution

754_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution -...

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Unformatted text preview: PROBLEM 6.99 6.99 A thin-walled beam of uniform thickness has the cross section shown. Determine the dimension 1) for which the shear center 0 of the cross section is located at the point indicated. SOLUTION Pad DE A’tx j: Q=A3I= [1‘5 12x 2’: %, LISIVx J: F; =51» = 3: 43"» 1241): = ”fiVtgoxax = OiMo = DEMO o r (2 )(45)F2 — (23am F. [(43); L'-(§i€o}(27uo‘)]¥ __. O b: 2 [2&02§4:7:l0’) : lé-DO' MM“ l, e 90 mm No+e ‘thd‘ 'an. pair 0“? F: ‘Pov‘ces MPG-rm a. Cou'aje . Lil‘aatan'sfi3 :‘He Path» 0')“ F2 powees. The pine: a¥ eta—Hon 5F 'Hua {Torus in BDOGK {was “rough Porn‘l‘ O. ...
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