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761_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution

761_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution -...

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Unformatted text preview: PROBLEM 6'C4 6.04 A plate of uniform thickness t is bent as shown into a shape with a vertical plane of symmetry and is then used as a beam. Write a computer pro- gram that, for loads and dimensions expressed in either 81 or US. customary units, can be used to determine the distribution of shearing stresses caused by a vertical shear V. Use this program (a) to solve Prob. 6.49, (b) to find the shearing stress at point E for the shape and load of Pr'ob. 6.50, assuming a thickness t = fiin. SOLUTION For each alien/rent on ‘fhe n‘ in“ Mme? Side, ‘ we catnpuie (for (3:! to 72). Length of element: LIZ-ZNP-zi “xii-31+(é‘i hg’éfl): Arm H element :- A}, : tl‘i where Z :7; in. Dfsfame from 7’: W55 1‘0 Cenfror'd of Hematite“? *1 (3+ gr ) L i-H Diéfame from maids fa cenfrvid of fied’r‘om L 2 ETIEAL gaj/Efii Nofl‘.’ Hm!“ fif-‘O and f'hal' 79W: gn+|=0 .1 :- -' . f z _.... —. 2 I 2:2/3‘5 [,7(%r3g+,)+(%"31) J Qgflipuiafl'nn of Q of“ pain? P Where sheet:- 1': desired .Q 1" EAé (at; ‘53-. ) 'Where 56M sextet/15,5 T'o fffle Mag [Baird beta/em one em! ef- oecfion and Foc‘ni' P" Ihearr‘ng strr55_a:t E" I t MOTE.‘ can” Occurs on neui‘m/ axis, £3.95 for 67:: g?- EEOGREM OUT PUTS; Part (a): Part (b): I = 0.5333 in‘a I = 22.27 in‘4 Taumax F 2.02 kgi 4 TauE = 194.0 psi 4 TauB = 1.800-‘ks-i 4 ' ...
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