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1001_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution

1001_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution -...

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Unformatted text preview: PROBLEM 8’C3 8.03 Disks 01,02. . . . , D,1 are attached as shown in Fig. P8.C3 to the solid shaft AB of length L, uniform diameter d, and allowable shearing stress Tau- Forces P1, P2 ..... P" of known magnitude (except for one of them) are ap- plied to the disks, either at the top or bottom of a vertical diameter, or at the left or right end of a horizontal diameter. Denoting by r; the radius of disk Di and by c,- its distance from the support at A, write a computer program to calculate (a) the magnitude of the unknown force PI, (b) the smallest permissible value of the diameter d of shaft AB. Use this program to solve Probs. 8.75 and 8.76. SOLUTION Z l. Determine +he UhKnWJn 7Com? 7:: by e7uafmg ‘I‘U gen) {he sum (if Mair fowl/35 TL abodf fine zaxis- 2. De fermine +116 ComPonénifir (@)fa:’od (Fiji afaflforcgs. .3. flefErrm'ne H’le Cumloonen 1-5 A; amt ’4; OF recto’rrfin at Fl [97 summrifig t’Wofi/renfs abom" (Mes 327/: and 537/3” ZM£,:0: ~AgL—Z(/g)t-(L*cL-):0, Alf—‘2’— 2713),; (£ch ZMé‘g-so.’ A31. +Z(f;-)£(L"Q):O 3 A : "—21: 2—022: (£_C£) '3 4'. Defer/nirie (Mfli ,(MQdaml fowl/6 7; just f'o 'H’JC [c it Of dffik Dr: 3 L where < > indicates a fifrfiu/drif'j funch'on. 5. 7719 Minimum? .tl't‘mugfer (7i re W114 f0 {he {€16qu 3:: )5 Obi'tuned by {irel’ C0071Fu'f'm8237c.); from-1 E7. (8,7)1 r._...__....._..———-—------——--—- J" M *3 ‘M“ .2 (7)11: ( BL€< 5):. + 7: (CONTINUED) all ...
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