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1022_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution

1022_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution -...

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Unformatted text preview: 9.12 (0) Determine the location and magnitude of the maximum absolute deflection in PROBLEM 9.12 AB betweenA and the center of the beam. (1)) Assuming that beam AB is 2: W460 x l [3, M0 = 224 kN-m and E 1 200 GPa, determine the maximum allowable length L of the beam if the maximum deflection is not to exceed] .2 mm. SOLUTION Using AB as a. 43m: booij ENG-=0 “zMu‘R“L-'-O Usinfl Peril-am AJ as «M15041 To -F{nri fleece-+59» 6i" rho-vet‘MUM a!!!)Cc‘HOfl x...‘-— ‘Lxu-i'L‘ =0 X.“ = #L‘JZ‘MW) = "EU-i333“ 01"31 ‘— "' Mng' Ff j“ = rgg‘gttxo.a..32v-eucomai-ct»co.2usz>} = -Mmom Sofivfna 'Folf‘ L L= {jig-1&1”: magnum. Dada; E = Zooulo" Pa) I :- SSGHO‘ W.“ = 555x10" m’ lath Him. = 1.2xto‘3m Mo: 224x10“ Mm J I]; _ (zoouo')(55‘6xlo“)(l.2HO") = q L'{(o_otc037§3214>¢to3) 6'0 m ‘ ...
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