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1026_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution

1026_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution -...

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Unformatted text preview: 9.16 Uniformly distributed loads are applied to beam AE as shown. ((1) Selecting the PROBLEM 9.16 x axis through the centers A and E of the end sections of the beam, determine the equation of the elastic curve for portion AB of the beam. (b) Knowing that the beam is a W200 x 35.9 rolled shape and that L = 3 m, w = 5 Watt, and E = 200 GPa, determine the distance of the center of the beam fi'om the x axis. x I SOLUTION Symmei‘rj Lounaiqrj canalt'+t'an ewe-t - awe-43 + c can (ta-miwt‘ =-5— w ((1.) Elias“: comic Rv- Portia-4 AB j: EITEE figwx’a- Ctx + Gag II J. ‘|__L. 3 fibv" StL") " (‘63 Deflec‘iiou a'i can'iex' ya 3 Elf-{£71} W(%)"*‘# ("'“g‘ -—5+'le(¥}} O} r flg{—L—~_.L_-_L_ :__as_M=1 E1 381 103‘: to; 512-1 51* Dada: I = 3H.4ulo‘ m3 = 3w.4x:o"m‘* , E= zoouo‘Pa, L= 3m w= Sun)" N/M y .= __3__s Exit-”KB“ = —3=:7xto"m '_, ie 03?? Manly ‘°' gig—'4— (Rooxlo‘3\(5‘t."+x(o‘) ...
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