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Hand-Held Edit - though you could enhance the audio or add...

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Hand-Held Edit Requirements 1. Choose, from your hand-held exercises, a piece that is complete (like the long take or your 360 ° ) or a longer exercise that can be edited into a cohesive piece. This could be your 360 ° , one of the interviews, or your outside-to-inside, for example. 2. Prepare the piece, edited or straight from the tape, to be part of your portfolio. 3. Edit where necessary, add titles, add ending credits. 4. Clean up the soundtrack, foley in sound effects, include music if appropriate. Choices Hand-held 360 ° shot of a room Hand-held up/down staircase Exterior to interior ending in mirror Shot that signifies ending (might be too short?) Interview moving around your subject Interview changing composition Long Take (If you choose this one, it should be so good that it doesn’t need editing
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Unformatted text preview: , though you could enhance the audio or add music.) P.S. You could edit one piece AND prepare your Long Take for your portfolio, or for get it ready for presentation anyway. Evaluation: Project edit is worth 50 points E Choice shows your best camera work and/or art direction. C Any editing makes the piece stronger and shows a deliberate artistic direction with consideration to pacing, transition, shot selection. c Titles and credits are appropriate to piece and are correct (spelling, etc.) T Good audio enhances piece. Added music is original or copyright free, or copyright has been obtained. Music furthers the viewer’s understanding of the video....
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