Eng 185 CARPENTER - OXFORD COLLEGE of Emory University...

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Unformatted text preview: OXFORD COLLEGE of Emory University COURSE OUTLINE English 185 — Critical Reading 8. Writing Dr. Lucas Carpenter Fail 2010 Semester (MWF, 9:35-10:25) Obiectives of the Course Through class participation, the close reading of assigned literary texts, in—class writing exercises and tests, six formal essays (4-5 pages), a research paper (8-10 pages), an oral presentation and a final examination, the student will be graded on his/her ability: A. G. H. To construct outlines demonstrating that sufficient material has been gathered and organized prior to writing. To write coilege-Ievel essays, both expository and argumentative, displaying clarity, organization, and adequate support andlor evidence. To demonstrate in writing a command of style, sentence structure, paragraph development, grammar, speiling, punctuation and vocabulary. To demonstrate a command of library research skills and proper research paper format. To read literary texts with insight and understanding. To recognize the characteristics of the major literary genres: poetry, fiction, and drama. To analyze and explicate a literary text. To define and employ in writing key terms in the vocabulary of literary study. Student Requirements for Completing the Course A. Brief unannounced quizzes which wili be factual in nature. There are no make-ups for missed quizzes. Possibie exercises in grammar, speliing, punctuation, and vocabulary. There are no make~ups for missed exercises. Several in-ciass writing assignments, tests, and presentations. There are no make- ups for these assignments. Page 1 of 3 IV. VI. D. Six format critical essays (800-1000 words) to be assigned later. One letter grade wili be deducted for each day a paper is late. E. A research paper (8-10 pages) to be assigned later. One letter grade will be deducted for each day a research paper is late. F. A final examination composed of factual and essay questions. G. Satisfactory participation in class discussion, which can only be accompiished if the attendance policy is rigorously observed. Grading Practices The grade wiii be determined by an evaluation of the entire semester‘s work, with speciai emphasis on fulfillment of course objectives. Grading wiil generally adhere to the following: Ciass participation 5% Quizzes, exercises, and in-class writing 15% Six essays 50% Research paper 15% Final examination 15% Attendance Policy A. Although attendance is not mandatory, it is to the student's distinct benefit to be present in class, and the student will be held responsible for any assignments made when he/she is absent. After two (2) absences, one point will be deducted from the final grade for each additional absence. 8. Students who are late must assume personal responsibility to see that the record is altered at the end of class. This record will not be changed at a later date. Textbooks: Thinking and Writing About Literature, 9‘h edition, ed. Michael Meyer The Beacon Handbook, 6‘“ edition, by Robert Perrin Weekly Outline of Topics to the Covered Aug 25-27 Fiction & Writing About Fiction Aug 30—Sept 3 Fiction Paragraph Due Sept 6-10 Poetry & Writing About Poetry ‘lst Essay Due Page 2 of 3 VI. Weekly Outline of Topics to the Covered (continued) Sept 13-17 Poetry Sept 20-24 Drama 2"d Essay Due Sept 27~Oct 1 Drama Oct 4-8 Fiction 3rd Essay Due Oct 11-12 Fali Break Oct 13-15 Poetry Oct 18-22 The Research Paper 4‘“ Essay Due Oct 25-29 Drama Nov 1-5 Drama 5th Essay Due Nov 8—12 Poetry Nov 15-19 Poetry 6th Essay Due (in~class) Nov 24—26 Thanksgiving Recess Nov 29-Dec 3 Poetry Research Paper due Dec 6 Last Class Dec 15, Qam-tznoon FINAL EXAMINATION VII. Office Hours My office is located in Seney Hall, Room 11513, and my office hours are the following: Monday through Friday 2:008:00 PM If these hours are ever inconvenient, appointments can be arranged. Please do not hesitate to see me about anything that is of concern to you. VIII. Honor Code I assume that you are familiar with the Honor Code and that you know what plagiarism is. Page 3 of 3 ...
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Eng 185 CARPENTER - OXFORD COLLEGE of Emory University...

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