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Eng 185 BELL - ENGLISH 185 Multilingual 10J EXPOSITORY WRITING Fall 2010 Instructor Stacy Bell Phone 770/784-8469(o E-mail smcquai@emory.edu Office

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ENGLISH 185 Multilingual 10J: EXPOSITORY WRITING Fall 2010 Instructor: Stacy Bell Phone: 770/784-8469 (o); E-mail: smcquai@emory.edu Office: Humanities 105 Office hours: MW2:00-5:00, and by appointment Required Texts Pham The Eaves of Heaven Shah The Storyteller’s Daughter Vapnyar There Are Jews in My House Miscellaneous assigned readings Course Description & Objectives This course is an examination of grammar, mechanics and principles of effective written expression, with primary emphasis on the expository essay. Writing topics are inter-disciplinary, to emphasize the importance of effective written communication across the curriculum. This section of English 185 is required specifically for students for whom English is not the native language. Students who have been admitted to Oxford are expected to function at a high level of proficiency in English. However, concurrent with the college’s mission and goals, language support is necessary for students who are studying in the United States for the first time; for foreign- born students who continue to struggle with English grammatical forms and idioms; and for native born students who use more than one language in the home. Research in second language acquisition suggests that generation 1.5 students who speak the parents’ language at home may have difficulties with writing in English, even if they speak and read it fluently. Language teachers may distinguish between fluency and accuracy in a student’s written work; however, teachers in other disciplines may expect strict adherence to standard grammatical forms. The ESL designation is not intended to be punitive; languages are valuable resources, but often it is necessary for multilingual students to negotiate situations in which their resources are undervalued or misunderstood. There is debate among language teachers about the extent to which grammar instruction can improve the quality of a student’s writing. The emphasis in this course will be on reviewing grammatical structures which pose difficulties for non- native speakers. It is likely that some students in this course will benefit from direct grammar instruction. Students will continue to develop their
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skills in identifying and correcting grammatical errors in their written work; the revision process is crucial, and students will be expected to write multiple drafts and to seek help outside the classroom. Improving oral communication skills is also very important for nonnative English speakers in the English-speaking university system. To this end students will have multiple opportunities throughout the semester to lead discussions, read their written work aloud, and to present their research findings during class. In 185 students engage in rhetorical analysis of the texts; at this level
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Eng 185 BELL - ENGLISH 185 Multilingual 10J EXPOSITORY WRITING Fall 2010 Instructor Stacy Bell Phone 770/784-8469(o E-mail smcquai@emory.edu Office

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