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ENGLISH 100C Fall 2010 - ENGLISH 100C 9A & 11A:...

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ENGLISH 100C 9A & 11A: INTRODUCTORY WRITING Fall 2010 Instructor: Stacy Bell Phone: 770/784-8469 (o); E-mail: smcquai@emory.edu Office: Humanities 105 Office hours: MW 2-5 and by appointment Baca, Jimmy Santiago A Place to Stand Conley, Dalton Honky LeBlanc, Adrian Random Family A notebook of any size for First Words Miscellaneous assigned readings This course is an examination of grammar, mechanics and principles of effective written expression, with primary emphasis on the expository essay. Writing topics are inter-disciplinary, to emphasize the importance of effective written communication across the curriculum. 100C is required for students who need to review basic writing skills in order to meet college writing requirements. This course prepares students to formulate and support their own arguments effectively in writing. By reading texts that examine important current social issues, students examine some of the ways [memoir and ethnography, for example] in which writers present claims to persuade their audiences. From these arguments, students derive their own critical conclusions in order to create their own claims. As student writers develop confidence and greater understanding of the issues discussed in the texts, they argue more articulately and persuasively in writing and in class discussions. Effective writing is characterized not only by strong presentation and support of a clearly identified thesis, but also by fluency in the grammar and mechanics of written Standard English. Students bring to a diverse academic community a variety of linguistic forms, some of which may deviate from the accepted classroom “standard.” Many students have been acculturated to classrooms in which “stamping out” errors and replacing them with socially and academically acceptable forms has been the norm. There is considerable debate among writing teachers about the extent to which grammar instruction improves student writing. In 100C grammar instruction will be contextual and based on the needs of the students in each
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class; students will learn to distinguish between errors and mistakes and in so doing will eliminate nonstandard forms in their formal writing. Students will learn the differences between spoken and written English and will apply this knowledge in the process of expository writing. Students will submit no fewer than 17 pages of response writing, which will be well-organized and will demonstrate mastery of grammar, mechanics and organization appropriate in college-level writing, as well as the ability effectively to utilize a variety of rhetorical forms. You will read three books: two memoirs and one ethnography.
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ENGLISH 100C Fall 2010 - ENGLISH 100C 9A & 11A:...

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