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Oxford Studies SAMPLE Critique _1

Oxford Studies SAMPLE Critique _1 - Critique#2 ‘ Word...

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Unformatted text preview: Critique #2 ‘ Word Count: 608 The American Clock was performed by the Oxford College theatrical team on . Saturday, February 28 at 8:00 in Tarbutton Theatre. My reaction evoked from the play was heavily influenced by the fact that I_ had read the play in its entirety and had seen a full film that depicted the performance. I was well versed on the plot of The American Clock so nothing came as a surprise to me, yet Iwas still able to pay full attention throughout the performance. Some scenes, such as when the bike was stolen from the son lost its emotional effect to me after having been exposed to it two times before. Reading the scene in the script gave a good impression of the situation, but the performance wasmuch more able to evoke emotion even with previous exposure. 1 still think the cast did a great job to keep the play interesting with the solemn theme the play was centered around. With a plot based on the period of the Great Depression it would have to be difficult to shift the tone. I enjoyed the humorous scenes that acted as comic relief for the overall solemn tone of the performance. I felt as if sometimes some of the intended jokes did not reach the majority of the audience but were still performed well. It seemed as if the audience were not fully into the play although the actors made a good effort to keep enthusiasm in the performance. The cast managed to keep the same level of performance throughout the play which kept me attached to a plot I had already been exposed to. It was obviousthat some last minute changes had to be made because of how Rose's character was handled in the play. It definitely took away from the play and initially was a little bit of a shock. The actress still managed to avoid the confusion that would have otherwise come with a character having to use a written script and play two parts. The play was, overall, an entertaining performance, but there were areas 1 believed could have been enhanced with a little more work. One part of the play that could have possibly been improved was the use of lighting in the performance. it seemed as if the ' actors were not always completely aware of where the spotlights were and it often took them a while to realize the lack of visibility. Still, I think the actors did a good job of ' providing a strong auditory performance to make up for the lighting mistakes and the limited stage space. Sahil did a particularly good job in each of his roles at providing a loud and distinct voice to differentiate between characters. There was no confusion between his different roles because of the way he created separate personalities between them. I often found it difficult to keep up with many of the other characters, particularly the ones that played multiple roles. I felt as if there were not enough time for each of the characters to be developed properly because of how many there sometimes were in a scene. ‘ Overall, I thought the actors did a great job of depicting their characters in The American Clock and had exceptional performances. Although I initially had a neutral feeling towards the play, I gained a greater appreciation for it and thought it was one of the more entertaining plays I have been to recently. If given the-opportunity, I would see the same play again to re-live the experience. ' ...
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