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[1] Syllabus Fall 2010 Physics 141 Dr. Frosso Seitaridou Physics is a fundamental science. A good understanding of introductory physics will help you a) understand most technology (e.g., hydraulic brakes, the mechanics of bridges, MRI machines, photocopiers, etc.), b) better appreciate how physics concepts are constantly being used in other sciences (i.e., chemistry, biology, geology, etc.), c) hone your thinking skills, d) recognize the close connection between physics and history, politics, culture and the arts! By taking Physics 141 and 142 you will learn the concepts needed for understanding how a big part of the Universe works! I hope you are getting excited! Goals of the Course At the end of this course, we will be able to: 1. Explain the basic concepts, theorems, and principles of physics and when and where they apply 2. Apply these concepts in order to solve fairly simple (i.e., two step or two concept) physics problems by learning how to a. Break down a problem to its component “mini” problems b. Identify which concept should be used for each “mini” problem c. Correctly apply the concept and check the validity of the answer d. Develop an organized and methodical solution to a problem 3. Combine concepts when analyzing a phenomenon 4. Recognize the physics concepts behind our day to day experiences Remember that knowing and using an equation is NOT the same as understanding the underlying concept. In this class you will be asked to do both! To achieve these goals, we will solve many problems, use laboratory exercises, and discuss real world applications while employing some algebra in the process. We will be covering a lot of important concepts during this semester. For this reason, you will have daily assignments and frequent quizzes. Important Information Instructor and Contact Information: Dr. Frosso Seitaridou. You can reach me by emailing at [email protected] or by calling my office at 4 8344 Office Hours: My office is at Pierce 209. I have an open door policy: if I am in the office and the door is open, feel free to come in. We can talk about physics and homework assignments, your student life, and anything else you would like to chat about. You can also email me to make individual appointments. SI: Wesley Anderson is the SI for this course. The day/time/location of his sessions will be announced. Tutor: Joseph Kim is the Physics tutor. The day/time/location of his sessions will be announced. Prerequisite: Math 111 and Math 110A Textbook: Serway and Vuille, College Physics , Eighth Edition Homework: All homework assignments and other announcements and handouts will be posted on Blackboard. Therefore, you are expected to check Blackboard frequently. Omission on your part to do so will not be regarded as a valid excuse for not completing an assignment. Homework assignments will be of two different kinds:
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[2] a) Daily reading: After each class, I will assign the reading that you are REQUIRED to do BEFORE coming
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Phy 141 SEITARIDOU - [1] SyllabusFall2010Physics141...

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