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Psyc 100 SMITH - Introductory Psychology PSYC 100 Syllabus...

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Introductory Psychology PSYC 100 Syllabus Fall 2010 1 Location: East Village Alpha 157 Class Time: Tu/Th 1:00 – 2:15 pm Instructor: Ayanay Smith, PhD Email: [email protected] O f f i c e : 2 0 5 H u m a n i t i e s H a l l Office Hours: Thursday 11am – 12:30 pm or by Appointment Course Format The presentation of material in this course will be through lectures, videos, hands on demonstrations, and discussions. Your comprehension of the material in the course will be tested through multiple choice quizzes and exams, group laboratory participation, and participation in research. This course moves at a rapid pace. There is a lot of information to be absorbed and recalled. Course Objectives This introductory course will cover the broad areas of psychology including memory, learning, personality, physiological aspects of behavior, development over the life span, psychological disorders, treatment of disorders and the social aspects of life. Psychology is much more than abnormal behavior, we will learn how humans think, make decisions, learn, develop, and adapt to their environment. You will be expected to know the definitions of major terms and concepts used in psychology. You will also need to know how the information gathered within psychology is used to describe, explain, predict and control human behavior and mental processes. Class Decorum Arrive to class on time and stay until class is over to avoid disturbing your classmates. P lease make sure you have turned off the ringers on cell phones and Blackberries. Refrain from individual discussions - they distract your classmates. Show respect for learning by requesting acknowledgment when you have a question. Do not share information during exams. Know and understand the Student Code of Academic Integrity. Textbook Myers, D.G. (2010). Psychology (9th ed.).Worth Publishers Daily Materials Students are strongly encouraged to make a copy of the current lecture outline posted on Blackboard and bring this to each class. Students should take daily notes on either the outline or additional notebook paper. Students must also bring a blank 3” x 5” lined index card to each class meeting.
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Introductory Psychology PSYC 100 Syllabus Fall 2010 2 Accommodations Oxford College and Emory Universtiy complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation
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Psyc 100 SMITH - Introductory Psychology PSYC 100 Syllabus...

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