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1187_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution

1187_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution -...

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Unformatted text preview: PROBLEM 9.03 9.03 The cantilever beam AB carries the distributed loads shown. Write a computer program to calculate the slope and deflection of beam AB from x = 0 to x = L using given increments Ax. Apply this program with incre- ments Ax = 100 mm, assuming that L = 2.4 m, w = 36 kN/m. and (a) a = 0.6 m, (b) a = 1.2 m. (c) a = 1.8 m. UseE = 200 GPa. SOLUTION ENTER w)c\3L COMPUTE REACTION AT A RA: va 2.0ur0k M vaLz—I— U112 A’z ’2. COMPUTE SLOPE AND DEFLECTION U55 EQUATION err-1mm: CURVE STARTING WITH yea AN!) UPDATING “THROUGH MA w‘ JNcREMEru-rs, SUPERPOSE: hi (I) DUE To REACTIONS AT A e=(I/E1)(—Z‘- tenth Maxi t. cal i”“/m‘ir-Rn73+%wm (2) DUE TO Lam: ou- 3 AT 1= 0) rfilw e=—(I/Erl (Giant ) “J" l 4 i 3. THE Cousnu‘rs 0F It's—(Val (a w 7‘ l j lNTEGRHTIOM ARE (33 DUE To LOAD am- 1 25:53:) 1F ’X :4. bx. - gym/En {—‘3— wxg) lf=(l/E:\(~1';Z wk” IF “x > at ‘ e:(\/E:\(:;- WYva-Ig w('¥”0~33) 7 t I ‘r %=(l/Ei](—lliw¥4-T;WW'M) 1 CONTINUED ...
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