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Elliott Balsley Quiz over Hamlet in Act I 1. Why does Laertes warn his sister, Ophelia, about falling in love with Hamlet? Hamlet’s status is so much higher than hers that he can’t really love her 2. Who first has the idea to tell Hamlet about the ghost? Horatio 3. What’s ghost tell Hamlet to do at their first encounter? Revenge his murder 4. What does Hamlet make Horatio and Marcellus swear to do? Not tell anyone about the ghost 5. True/False: Hamlet is glad that he has to avenge his father’s murder. False 6. Where was Hamlet planning to go to school?
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Unformatted text preview: Wittenburg 7. In Act I, scene ii, when Claudius asks Hamlet about his clothing, how does Hamlet respond? Hamlet says he’s wearing black to reflect his inner sorrow 8. What are the two main reasons Hamlet is angry? Claudius killed Hamlet’s father, and Gertrude married too quickly 9. How does Hamlet feel about suicide? He wants to kill himself, but won’t because it’s a sin and he would be damned to hell. 10. Who is Hamlet’s primary foil? Laertes...
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