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3.4.2008 Concertive Control: Team work, majority of people wanted to have this type of control in their workplace; issues of concertive control and diversity – is it really team work in making a decision? Diversity in the workplace: Whitman’s Sampler – chocolate, Civil Rights – long time shaping the workplace; have access now that has been built over time and allowed diversity to enter into the workplace Affirmative Action – (many people opposed to it today, my generation, common on campuses) governmental practice to ensure in the workplace (publicly controlled) there can be diversity Consultants – look at the corporate environment and how to make it friendly, good place to work, diversity training in the workplace Race, ethnicity, orientation, faith/no faith, gender… Experience – no longer are people in the U.S. are not full time farmers, on an assembly line, etc. (notion of Pleasantville – one job/one career for your entire life until retirement); young consultants come in and bring in new people that are
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