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1405_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution

1405_Mechanics Homework Mechanics of Materials Solution -...

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Unformatted text preview: (a) the vertical deflection of point D, (b) the slope of BC at point C. SOLUTION Ac“ dummy “Force Q at} Poin‘i’ D any} dummy Coup]! M: a," Pm‘u‘l’P C1 Rw+ious 93" A? RAF 99‘”: Qb M” Q2 + M; C Member A8:I M‘-= Mn+a,j -‘- Q£+M¢+ ‘Pj, aa- ‘1 3 g-F’E- \ 50 gm sa «2- o m 90 t ’ t4 - .1. 13,93 3-3 -- E‘ngMg‘cfd - E So Mpymuj m 9U 9 AMJ “A; = J” t—‘J ‘ J—[fifi (PJXIMJ = 235% (a) ‘vc-rl'u'cafl dc-H’ed'fou o‘f Foin'i' D 9U 3U 3U» . J. EL _ PA?" $a= 9538M 9Q 3a ‘ (“fluffokr ' £1:T Us) spore o'F 3C a1" C 9=9_Th+9_112 2992(l+l+o)-Efi =£EEA a am am am 1 PROBLEM 11.121 11.121 A muform rod of flexural ng1d1ty EI 15 bent and loaded as shown. Determme E L; F A ...
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