AAS 250 Quiz1 Key

AAS 250 Quiz1 Key - ! AAS/LIN 250 Quiz # 1 Name: Last:_,...

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AAS/LIN 250 Quiz # 1 Name: Last:____________________, First:____________________ KEY SB ID#:_______________________ Please fill out your name and SB ID# . Make sure to mark 0 if you have Form A, or mark 1 if you have Form B, under the heading 'Day' of the 'Date of Birth' section on your Scantron sheet (left most column only, under Date of Birth). PART I : Multiple Choice (Total: 20 points) 1. Which of the following countries has asked to be considered a part of Asia? a. Afghanistan b. East Timor c. Turkey d. Qatar 2. In 2010, what percentage of Stony Brook freshmen were of Asian descent? a. 10% b. 15% c. 20% d. 25% 3. Why isn’t Afghanistan considered part of Asia? a. It’s on the European continent b. Political and economic differences c. The Afghan language, Farsi, is not related to Asian languages d. Religious differences 4. What state did Asians first immigrate to? a. California b. Washington c. New York d. Hawaii 5. Who was the first Asian American Governor of a US state? a. Vivienne Poy b. Hubert Vo c. Gary Locke d. Robert Bunda 6. Fishman (1971) argue that societal bilingualism is unsustainable if: a. One language dominates the other in some facets of society b. Both languages are used equally and equally well in all contexts c. Only one language is recognized by the government d. The country or region lacks a sufficient educational system 7. Who belongs to a speech community? a. Immigrants b. Isolated groups c. The social elite d. Everyone 8. What language is used in the intimate domain? a. the native language b. the official language c. the language of religion d. English 9. The 1882-1943 legislation banning the immigration of Chinese nationals to the US was called the: a. Chinese Exclusion Act b. Eastern National Act c. Oriental Prohibition Policy d. Chinese Immigration Embargo 10. Which of the following is NOT a parameter upon which language varies? a. Social Status
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AAS 250 Quiz1 Key - ! AAS/LIN 250 Quiz # 1 Name: Last:_,...

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