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AAS/LIN 250 Quiz # 2 Name: Last:_________________, First:_________________ Form A SB ID#:_______________________ Please fll out your name and SB ID#. Make sure to mark 0 iF you have ±orm A, or mark 1 iF you have ±orm B, under the heading 'Day' oF the 'Date oF Birth' section on your Scantron sheet (leFt most column only, under Date oF Birth). PART I: Multiple Choice (Total: 20 points) 1. Which of the following is NOT true of the ±rst wave of Japanese women to immigrate to Hawaii? a. Once the women came, the men started working harder and production went up b. They grew vegetables to supplement their diet, preventing disease c. They made up an important part of the labor force d. They were active church members 2. Which is NOT a reason the ±rst wave of Korean laborers immigrated to the US a. The Japanese occupation oF Korea b. Demand for cheap labor in Hawaii c. Horace Allen, a Presbyterian minister d. Famine in Korea at the turn of 20th century 3. Which of the following is true of Japanese war brides? a. They had a high social status in Japan b. Their immigration was Facilitated by the McCarran-Walter Act c. Approximately 20,000 immigrated between 1947-1975 d. Many were pressured into marriage by their families 4. Since 1965, the majority of Japanese immigrants each year has been women. Which of the following factors has NOT contributed to this trend? a. More women tend to immigrate as spouses than men do b. The 1970 Educational Opportunities Act made immigration easier For Female students c. Many Japanese women immigrate to ²ee Japan’s patriarchal society d. There is less gender discrimination in the workplace in the US than in Japan 5. According to the documentary, A Family Gathering , what is the chief piece of evidence the US government had for accusing Masuo Yasui of being a spy? a. Portraits of the Emperor in his kitchen cabinets b. Long correspondences with Japanese government of±cials c. A wooden cup given to him by the Emperor d. Maps of US military camps found in his home 6. According to the movie, My America , with which ethnic group were Filipinos classi±ed in the segregated South? a. Blacks
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AAS250Quiz2AKey - AAS/LIN 250 Form A Quiz 2 Name Last First...

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