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AAS250Quiz2BKey - AAS/LIN 250 Form B Quiz 2 Name Last First...

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AAS/LIN 250 Quiz # 2 Name: Last:_________________, First:_________________ Form B SB ID#:_______________________ Please fll out your name and SB ID#. Make sure to mark 0 iF you have ±orm A, or mark 1 iF you have ±orm B, under the heading 'Day' oF the 'Date oF Birth' section on your Scantron sheet (leFt most column only, under Date oF Birth). PART I: True/±alse (Total: 20 points) 1. Antimiscenigation (anti mixed-marriage) laws in the US were a key factor causing the large- scale immigration of Japanese picture brides a. True b. False 2. Spain brought catholicism to the Philippines a. True b. False 3. According to the documentary, Arirang , the Korean independence movement largely took place in the US because most of the Korean elite had immigrated to the US before the Japanese occupation a. True b. ±alse 4. Korean Americans have tended to be largely located in California partially because of its proximity to Korea and its mild weather a. True b. False 5. More small business owners are Korean than Japanese a. True b. False 6. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, many Japanese Americans changed their last names to evade discrimination a. True b. False 7. The 1935 Repatriation Act offered Filipino Americans a one-way ticked back to the Philippines if they agreed to not return to the US a. True b. False 8. Extramarital affairs for men are tolerated in Filipino society a. True b. False 9. Filipino Americans have smaller average family sizes than other Asian American groups a. True b. ±alse 10. Since WWII, most Japanese Americans have worked in white-collar jobs a. True b. False 11. In A Family Gathering , we learn that Min Yasui (the narrator’s uncle) was arrested in Portland for organizing a protest of the internment of Japanese Americans a. True b. ±alse 12. When we say that Filipinos are a transnational immigrant community, we mean that they have settled evenly across the US a. True b. ±alse 13. Some Filipino WWII veterans were promised US citizenship, but were then denied it by the Rescission Act a. True b. False 1
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14. In A Family Gathering , we learn that despite having been held in internment camps for nearly 5 years by the US government, Masuo Yasui was eager to gain US citizenship and
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AAS250Quiz2BKey - AAS/LIN 250 Form B Quiz 2 Name Last First...

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