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Exam 2 Review Sheet This review sheet is designed to help you prepare for Exam 2. The topics, terms, concepts and questions presented throughout this review sheet are representative of the major areas covered up through Exam 2. This review sheet is not an exhaustive list and you may be tested on anything that was discussed in lecture or in your assigned reading assignments. There will be an equation sheet at the back of the exam. I have already posted this equation sheet on Blackboard so you know what equations and constants you will be given. Use this review sheet as a guide for how to study. It is important that you understand the concepts and that you know how to apply the concepts. Chapter 22: Introduction to Analytical Separations 1. Solvent-solvent extractions Conceptually understand solvent-solvent extraction. Mathematically, understand solvent-solvent extraction. What is the partition coefficient and how does it apply to a solvent-solvent extraction? Know how to use the partition coefficient and know how to write the equilibrium expression that corresponds to the partition coefficient. Know how to calculate the fraction of solute left behind and the fraction extracted. Know how to calculate the number extractions needed for a given solvent-solvent extraction. Acid-base extractions. The distribution coefficient. Effect of pH on extractions. Know how to calculate the fraction of solute remaining or extracted at a given pH using the distribution coefficient. 2. Chromatography What is chromatography? What are the major types of chromatography? Understand the basic differences between the types of chromatography. Be able to know when it would be advantageous to use one type of chromatography versus another type of chromatography. What is a chromatogram? Be able to interpret a chromatogram and understand what information can be gained from a chromatogram. Know and understand the expressions in Table 22-2. Know the relationships between different terms and expressions.
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Understand the equations on the equation sheet both mathematically and conceptually. Be able to perform calculations using the various expressions in Table 22-2. Be able to calculate the fraction of time a solute spends in the mobile phase and the stationary phase. What factors are involved in determining separation efficiency? Be able to illustrate what we mean by good resolution and poor resolution.
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Exam+2+Review+Sheet - Exam 2 Review Sheet This review sheet...

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