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04assn1 - Transportation systems are broad in impact...

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1.221J / 11.527J / ESD.201J Transportation Systems FALL 2004 ASSIGNMENT 1: Transportation System Issues Date assigned: (Lecture 1) Date due: (Lecture 2) Value: 8 points In this assignment, you will write a paper that relates important general transportation system concepts to a particular transportation system or situation of your choice . This assignment is meant to get you thinking about the important issues and questions that must be taken into account when designing or evaluating a transportation system. The “Critical Issues in Transportation” and “The Secretary’s Vision”articles (see Reader) offer a number of broad transportation issues for consideration as well as more specific challenges contained within each of those issues. The articles can provide a useful starting point for your own paper, although you should feel free to introduce other concepts and issues that go beyond the issues identified in these two readings.
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Unformatted text preview: Transportation systems are broad in impact, dynamic over time and often multimodal and intermodal. Identify the most important aspects of your system. Discuss how you might change the system to improve its performance and, if appropriate, assess the difference between the short-term and long-term effects. You may choose to conduct additional research to enhance your knowledge of the system and your discussion. Please include a reference list with your assignment. The page limit for this assignment is five pages (not including the reference list), so keep your thoughts organized and clear. Focus on the quality of presentation of your ideas as well as the substance. When you make your selection of a transportation system, contact Professor Sussman and the TA to give us an opportunity to comment....
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