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1.221J / 11.527J / ESD.201J Transportation Systems FALL 2004 ASSIGNMENT 2B: Transportation System Fundamentals Date assigned: (Lecture 3) Date due: (Lecture 7) Value: 18 points Each of the 30 Key Points is important in understanding transportation systems. In this assignment, you will write a paper which relates these key points to a specific transportation concept. The transportation concept that you will examine is the integration of high- occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes, and bus rapid transit (BRT). While HOV/HOT/BRT is the focus of this assignment, it is not simply “about HOV,” “about HOT,” or “about BRT.” We urge you to take a broad view, considering their relationships to other transportation systems, such as traditional general capacity freeway lanes and conventional tolls, as well as issues such as 1) implications of BRT for traditional bus transit and commuting; 2) how BRT/HOV relates to larger issues such as urban form; and 3) the overall
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04assn2b - 1.221J / 11.527J / ESD.201J Transportation...

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