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1.221J / 11.527J / ESD.201J Transportation Systems FALL 2002 ASSIGNMENT 2A : Transportation System Fundamentals Due in: Five days Value: 6 points The main objective of this assignment is to help you prepare for Lecture 4. Your assignment is to read the attached article and answer the following questions. The Boston Globe , September 2002, “Acela troubles seen as pattern for Amtrak” 1. Discuss the important technological issues facing Acela. Hint: take a look ahead
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Unformatted text preview: at Key Point 30. (2 points, one page maximum) 2. Discuss the decision to choose Bombardier and the institutional issues surrounding it. Hint: take a look ahead at Key Point 2. (2 points, one page maximum) 3. Discuss why you thing Amtrak chose Boston to New York as its first application for Acela. (2 points, one page maximum) As with Assignment 1, clarity and presentation will be factored into the grading of this assignment....
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