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CSE 110 Laboratory Assignment 2 This assignment is due by 11:59 PM on Sunday, September 26. Submit your .java fle through Blackboard — be sure to submit through the link that corresponds to your lab day and time. In today's lab, you will use the Eclipse development environment to complete a small program that calculates and prints several values. Since this is (probably) your frst time using Eclipse, the lab assignment will guide you through all oF the necessary steps and provide you with a brieF code skeleton For your program. 1. Start by launching Eclipse From the desktop shortcut or From the Windows Start menu. 2. IF this is the frst time you have launched Eclipse (it probably will be), Eclipse will ask you to choose a workspace . The workspace is the Folder where you want to store all oF your Eclipse projects and programs. Before you click “OK”, change the workspace to someplace you can easily Fnd, like a Folder on the desktop named “workspace”. Otherwise, you will have trouble locating your work to submit it. 3. When Eclipse opens, since this is the frst time, it will show you a screen with several large icons. Click on the arrow at the lower right corner to get rid oF this screen and show the main Eclipse interFace, which looks something like the screenshot on the right: 4. Select "New • Java Project. .." From the ±ile menu. Name your new project whatever you wish (e.g. "Lab 2"). 5. Eclipse will create a new entry in the Package Explorer
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cse-110-lab-2 - CSE 110 Laboratory Assignment 2 This...

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