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CSE 110 Laboratory Assignment 9 This assignment is due by 11:59 PM on Sunday, November 14. Submit your .java fle through Blackboard — be sure to submit through the link that corresponds to your lab day and time. Lab Description In this week ʼ s lab, we will practice writing Java methods like we saw in class on Monday. In today's lab, you will write a bill-calculation program For a small ISP (Internet Service Provider) named Bits, Inc. This program will determine the monthly bill For several customers, based upon their service plan and the number oF hours they spent online. IF you are using BlueJ or Eclipse, begin by creating a new project that contains a class named BillGenerator . Copy the contents oF Lab9.txt (From the Web page) into this class. Bits, Inc. oFFers three diFFerent subscription packages to its customers: Package 1: ±or $9.95 per month, up to 10 hours oF access are provided. Each additional hour (aFter the frst 10) costs $2.00. Package 2: ±or $13.95 per month, up to 20 hours oF access are provided. Each additional hour
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