13 - #13-Naturalizing Values: Organisms and Species by...

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#13-Naturalizing Values: Organisms and Species by Holmes Rolston III by Sara Maxfield I. Dragonflies, Leaf Stomata, Bacterial Clocks, and Genomes 1. Dragonfly wings 1.A. Instrumentally valuable to dragonfly because they give agile, versatile flight that enables them to catch prey in flight 1.B. Dragonfly can’t value intrinsically 2. Leaf stomata 2.A. Instrumentally valuable because they adjust the plant’s conditions to the temperature, water, and energy needs of the plant so that it can survive 2.B. Plant can’t value intrinsically 3. Bacterial clocks 3.A. Repeated discovery of molecular clocks in cyanobacteria is instrumentally valuable to fill the organism’s needs 3.B. Can’t value intrinsically 4. Genomes 4.A. Cell biologists may value studying an immune system but is it valuable without a human there to value it? 4.B. Do they hold value on their own or are they only valuable when someone is able to appreciate it? II.
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13 - #13-Naturalizing Values: Organisms and Species by...

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