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Notes on Princess Mononoke Themes Environmental Justice - Iron town gets money, power, and weapons while Ashitaka’s village gets the burdens like the curse and demons; Lady Eboshi says “I should be the cursed one”; forest also is burdened because it loses biodiversity and their home. Biocentrism - Ashitaka doesn’t actually want to kill anything and tries to find ways to let people and nature live in peace together. He is the main example of biocentrism in the movie. He also treats his pet as his friend and companion. Biocentrism is linked to Goodpasture and Schweitzer. War against Nature - In the movie this is exemplified by the war against the forest and Irontown. In real life it relates to how companies (like Dupont) created poisons used to murder people during the first two world wars. After the wars the companies still wanted to continue to make a product and profit so they turned their product into a “pesticide”. Litterally, pesticides murder “pests” which are part of nature. Nature personified
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