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Article Title Author Page # Peter Singer Tom Regan Mary Anne Warren Homles Rolston III Ned Hettinger #15-Nature John Stuart Mill #16-Reverence for Life Albert Schweitzer #17-Biocentric Egalitarianism Paul Taylor Kenneth Goodpaster Aldo Leopold J. Baird Callicott Arne Naess Arne Naess #26-Deep Ecology Ideas that agree with Kant Ideas that disagree with Kant Supporting Quote #9-A Utilitarian Defense of Animal Liberation #10-The Radical Egalitarian Case for Animal Rights
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Unformatted text preview: #11-The Radical Egalitarian Case for Animal Rights #13-Natruralizing Values: Organisms and Species #14-Comments on Holmes Rolston's "Naturalizing Values" #18-On Being Morally Considerable #19-Ecocentrism: The Land Ethic #20-The Conceptual Foundations of the Land Ethic #24-The Shallow and the Deep, Long-Range Ecological Movement #25-Ecosophy T: Deep Versus Shallow Ecology Bill Devall and George Sessions...
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