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BCIS EXAM 2 - Computers process data as that represent on...

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Computers process data as _ that represent on and off states 1. A. bit B. blocks C. signals D.wares An _ creates sound from difital instructions nput by the user, either via a standard comptuer keyboard or devices resembling 2) Audio editing software program, sequencer, synthesizer, music notation software Which of the following is NOT a MIDI component 3. A. port B. sequencer C. protocol D. file format In recent years, _ file sharing networks exploded in popularity as a means for people to share music, video, and other files stored on their personal computers 4) RIAA, P2P, MIDI, MPAP File __ involves uploading a music file to a file sharing network with distortion, silence, or copyright law warnings 5. A. sequencing B. pruning C. spoofing D. rendering Dancers rely on a technology called _ to record and analyze their dance movements 6) sensor scanning, image capture, interpolation, motion capture which of the following theatre departments does NOT use CAD software? 7. A. costume B. light and sound C. box office D. stage sets Sculptors use _ to digitally recreate an existing physical ofject 8) image-editing software, 30 scanning, video composition, digital cameras 9) After you have created a model for your sculpture, you can use __to shape your desired medium A. CNC mailing machines B. digital image editing C. illusion software D. video composition
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Computer -generated fractals use __ to create art 10)interpolation, colorization, splitting, mathematical formula A home or business photographer most likely uses the _type of digital camera 11. A. field B. studio C. point and shoot D. virtual In digital cameras, the image is initially focused on a chip called an __ 12) change couple device, analog-to-digital converter, digital signal processor, digital-to-analog processor One group that completely opposes any manipulation of a digital image is the _ 13. A. NPPA B. RIAA C. CNN D.LVIS __ is a special effect in whch one video image is transformed into another image over the course of several frames 14) splitting, priming, morphing, tweening An animation software program can computer the positions between the top and bottom of the animation sequence in a process called __ 15.
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