Alfred Brooks The protagonist of the novel

Alfred Brooks The protagonist of the novel - Diane Jeff's...

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Alfred Brooks  The protagonist of the novel, Alfred hopes to transcend the repressive atmosphere of  Harlem and find a worthwhile life for himself. James Mosely  Alfred's best friend, James descends into drug addiction as Alfred climbs toward  maturity. Aunt Pearl Conway  James' mother's sister. Pearl provides a home and spiritual base for Alfred; she  works as a domestic for a white family, the Elversens. Charlene, Sandra, and Paula  Aunt Pearl's giggly daughters provide a family for Alfred. Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Wilson  Pearl's sister and her husband. Their family lives in the suburbs  and provides Alfred with a look at a very different kind of life. Cousin Jeff  Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Wilson's college-educated son, who brings significant  encouragement and friendship to Alfred near the novel's end.
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Unformatted text preview: Diane Jeff's younger sister; a cousin and friend to Pearl's daughters. Major The primary antagonist of the novel, Major leads the gang and confronts Alfred until the protagonist sees him for the bully and coward that Major is. Hollis, Sonny, and Justin As gang members, they are subservient to Major. Mr. (Vito) Donatelli Owner and head manager at the gym, he serves as Alfred's mentor. Clarence "Bud" Martin Donatelli's top assistant, he supports and critiques Alfred. Henry Johnson Disabled by a childhood bout with polio, Henry is a rising apprentice trainer with special devotion to Alfred. Bill "Spoon" Witherspoon A former fighter who has become a schoolteacher, Spoon serves as exemplar while he encourages Alfred to finish his education....
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