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As they wait at Spoon

As they wait at Spoon - As they wait at Spoon's apartment...

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Unformatted text preview: As they wait at Spoon's apartment, Henry tries to calm Alfred and reflects on his own budding career as a trainer. Alfred is especially important to the neophyte assistant manager because he was the first fighter entrusted to Henry by Mr. Donatelli. Henry reveals that it was he who bought the white terry-cloth robe for Alfred prior to the first fight. He feels that he has found his role in managing; he doesn't limp as much now that he has more important things to think about. After Alfred retires from the ring, Donatelli will allow Henry to train some of the newcomers. Spoon arrives and tells of an altercation at school with a boy named Herbert Davis who pulled a knife on him. He spent the afternoon counseling Davis, suggesting that he go to the gym to try boxing. Foreshadowing the novel's ending, Spoon tells Alfred that he has spoken with a doctor at a narcotics...
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