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As they walk along

As they walk along - As they walk along the king is...

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Unformatted text preview: As they walk along, the king is perplexed that The Boss does not know what, in particular, will happen tomorrow. The Boss must explain that his special kind of prophecy is the kind that can more easily see 1300 years into the future than it can see into the next day; the king is satisfied with this explanation. In the meantime, every time a knight passes by, The Boss must restrain the king, for the sight fires the kings martial spirit. During one such encounter, The Boss takes a stroke of a whip that is meant for the king, and at another, he has to use a bomb to save them from the charge of a group of knights whom the king challenges. By the morning of the fourth day, The Boss has decided that the king must be drilled in "proper behavior" so that he will not disclose his true identity when they meet people or when they enter a...
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