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Betty Witherspoon Bill - Elston Hubbard Easily the best of...

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Betty Witherspoon  Bill's wife is also a teacher. She dislikes boxing but cheerfully helps Alfred  prepare for his fights. Dr. Corey  A dentist whose office is in the same building as the gym, Dr. Corey makes Alfred's first  mouthpiece, a significant rite of passage for the aspiring boxer. Jelly Belly  The rotund Jelly's real name is Horace Marshall Davenport, Jr. Jelly Belly provides comic  relief and occasionally wise observations. Red  A bad example of attitude, he picks a fight with the elder but shrewder Bud Martin at Donatelli's  Gym. Angel and Jose  The lighthearted Puerto Rican fighters are friends of and valuable sparring partners  for Alfred. Willie Streeter  One of Donatelli's most promising fighters, he is an example of wasted potential as  he loses to Junius Becker, fails to train properly, and drops out of sight.
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Unformatted text preview: Elston Hubbard Easily the best of Alfred's opponents, Hubbard dominates the first two rounds but gets all he can handle from Alfred in the third. Lou, Jake, and Ben Epstein The brothers own the grocery where Alfred works as a clerk; Lou was once a fighter known as "Lightning Lou Epp" and is especially concerned about Alfred. Harold and Lynn These young black nationalists attempt to recruit Alfred and suggest that he help with recreation programs for black children in the community. Reverend Price and Sister Lucille The storefront preacher and his wife put on a lively Sunday service; he later convinces Aunt Pearl to allow Alfred to pursue boxing....
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