Donatelli is a stocky man with crew

Donatelli is a stocky man with crew - Donatelli is a stocky...

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Unformatted text preview: Donatelli is a stocky man with crew-cut white hair. He carries himself in a military manner and is very businesslike, even brusque, as he first measures Alfred (five feet seven and three-quarter inches tall) and then weighs (124 1/2 pounds). Donatelli tells Alfred exactly what to expect if he tries to become a fighter. He invites the young man to return but suggests that he not do so unless Alfred is genuinely prepared to commit himself to the program. Lipsyte uses this chapter for transition (presenting a major change in Alfred's life) and to introduce a key character, Donatelli, as well as the new boxing regimen that Alfred is about to begin. The wise old manager offers several guidelines to Alfred, and each is a theme of the novel as well as a lesson in growing up. In a boxing ring, just as in life, there is no place to hide. Alfred must learn to follow the in growing up....
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