For many years - For many years, Dants barely exists in his...

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Unformatted text preview: For many years, Dants barely exists in his tiny, isolated cell; he almost loses his mind and his will to live until one day he hears a fellow prisoner burrowing nearby. He too begins digging, and soon he meets an old Abb who knows the whereabouts of an immense fortune, one that used to belong to an immensely wealthy Italian family. Dants and the Abb continue digging for several years, and from the Abb, Dants learns history, literature, science, and languages, but when at last they are almost free, the Abb dies. Dants hides his body, then sews himself in the Abb's burial sack. The guards arrive, carry the sack outside, and heave the body far out to sea. Dants manages to escape and is picked up by a shipful of smugglers, whom he joins until he can locate the island where the treasure is hidden. When he finally discovers it, he is staggered by the locate the island where the treasure is hidden....
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