Haydée This is the daughter of the Ali Pasha

Haydée This is the daughter of the Ali...

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Unformatted text preview: Haydée This is the daughter of the Ali Pasha, whom Fernand, alias Baron de Morcerf, betrayed and sold into slavery. She became the "property" of the Count of Monte Cristo. At Morcerf's trial, she is able to testify as to Morcerf's villainy and thus convict him. Eventually, Monte Cristo begins to fall in love with her and at the end of the novel, they sail off into the horizon: "On the dark blue line separating the sky from the Mediterranean," the white sail carries the Count and Haydée away. Bertuccio Early in his life, Bertuccio had been betrayed by Villefort, when he requested punishment for the murderer of his brother, and Villefort, having no respect for Bertuccio's Corsican heritage, ignored Bertuccio's request. This refusal prompted Bertuccio to swear a vendetta against Villefort. Some years later, Bertuccio traced Villefort to the Chateau of the Saint-Mérans, where Villefort was...
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