Henry - Henry a physically disabled acquaintance who...

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Unformatted text preview: Henry, a physically disabled acquaintance who aspires to become a fight manager, urges Alfred to visit Donatelli's Gym, which is famous for having trained several boxing champions. Alfred's climb up the staircase to the gym is symbolic; he is beginning his climb toward maturity. At the gym, he meets Donatelli, a wise mentor. The manager tells Alfred that nothing is promised. He should be sure that he wants to make a real effort; quitting is worse than never starting at all. Something in Alfred wants to succeed, so he begins training. Becoming a contender is more difficult and tedious than Alfred imagined. Discouraged and frustrated, he attends a Friday night party at the neighborhood street gang's hangout, a basement clubroom. Allowing the gang's leader, Major, to influence him, Alfred spends much of the night drinking and smoking marijuana. Sunday morning, he accompanies the gang to Coney Island in a drinking and smoking marijuana....
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