James is late - James is late, and Alfred suspects a...

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Unformatted text preview: James is late, and Alfred suspects a problem. Alfred believes his friend may be in bad company. Alfred hurries to the basement clubroom where he finds James with Major, Hollis, and Sonny. While Alfred tries to persuade James to go to the movies with him as they had planned, Alfred inadvertently reveals that his employers, the Epsteins, leave money in the cash register of their grocery store on Friday nights so that they don't handle money on the Jewish Sabbath. Major, who has been mocking Alfred for his subservient duties at the Jewish store, quickly sees an opportunity for easy cash. Major leads Hollis, Sonny, and James on a raid of the grocery; Alfred refuses to go along. After the others have left, Alfred suddenly remembers that the Epsteins have installed a new silent burglar alarm. He tries, too late, to warn James. Several police cruisers descend on the grocery. burglar alarm....
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