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Unformatted text preview: Now, Alfred and James seem headed in opposite directions. One Friday night in June, James breaks into Epsteins' grocery with members of a street gang led by the novel's antagonist, a bully named Major. Alfred is a clerk at the store and inadvertently reveals that there may be money in the cash register on a Friday night; he forgets to tell James about the new alarm system recently installed. Only James is arrested; he is put on probation. Meanwhile, Alfred begins training at Mr. Donatelli's Gym. A wise mentor, Donatelli insists that no one is promised anything, everyone is treated equally, and a man finishes what he begins. The journey, the climb, is more important to Donatelli than the highest goal. Striving is key. Alfred should try to become a contender and let the championships of life come if they will, according to Donatelli....
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