spar to box with jabbing or feinting movements

spar to box with jabbing or feinting movements - medicine...

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spar  to box with jabbing or feinting movements, landing few heavy blows, as in exhibition or practice  matches. spoons and needles  paraphernalia used in the preparation of drugs, specifically heroin. squeeze the eagle  to be stingy; a reference to the insignia of the eagle on U.S. currency. Here, it  implies that the Jewish grocers are reluctant to let go of their money, a racist stereotype. Sugar Ray Robinson  African American boxer; original name, Walker Smith (1921–89); outstanding  boxer, world welterweight and five-time middleweight champion. synagogue  a building or place used by Jews for worship and religious study. Here, it relates to the  Jewish Sabbath, which runs from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday and is observed by the  Epsteins, the owners of the grocery store where Alfred works. tenpin  a specific one of the ten bowling pins. Here, it suggests the way Alfred is knocked over by the 
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Unformatted text preview: medicine ball. terry-cloth a pile fabric, usually woven of cotton, used to make towels and robes; here, the fabric in the robe Alfred receives before his fight. Tom [Informal] Uncle Tom; here, another stereotypically derogatory reference to the main character of Uncle Tom's Cabin . Washington Heights a residential district in northern Manhattan, New York City; here, the area of New York in which Bill and Betty Witherspoon live. welfare the organized efforts of government agencies that grant aid to the poor, the unemployed, etc.; such aid. Here, the term relates to Aunt Pearl's reminders to Alfred that the family is not on welfare, that they have jobs and enough money to pay the rent and buy clothes....
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