Suddenly his reverie is smashed by two policemen

Suddenly his reverie is smashed by two policemen - Suddenly...

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Unformatted text preview: Suddenly his reverie is smashed by two policemen, one of whom shouts, "Hold it right there." Alfred explains that he is in training, managed by Mr. Donatelli. The cops have heard of Donatelli and ease off. The mood, however, is broken. The good feeling is gone. When Alfred returns home, Aunt Pearl also wonders why he was out at such an hour, but Alfred tells her that he couldn't sleep and went for a walk. At work, Lou Epstein, the oldest of the brothers, speaks privately with Alfred about the burglary. He says that Alfred is "a good boy," but the employers seem distant and distrustful. Jake, the middle brother, takes the deposit to the bank; this had been Alfred's job. Surprisingly, James, his face swollen and grim, appears at the window as Alfred is arranging fruit in the front window. He doesn't respond to Alfred's greeting. Alfred is despondent and fantasizes about robbing the store himself. respond to Alfred's greeting....
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