The gym appears to be in chaos

The gym appears to be in chaos - The gym appears to be in...

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Unformatted text preview: The gym appears to be in chaos. Young men of several races and all sizes are participating in activities completely foreign to Alfred. Some perform gyrations that resemble jacks-in-the-box. Others seem to be boxing their own images in mirrors. A very rotund person flies past, spraying him with sweat "like a lawn sprinkler." Alfred is totally unprepared. He doesn't even have proper gear and must work out in his street clothes. Donatelli is absent, preparing a fighter for an appearance at Madison Square Garden that night. Dr. Corey, the dentist from the second floor of the building, finally greets him in a friendly manner. Still, most of the crowd ignores him. An arrogant, well-built fighter called "Red" treats him rudely. Red is eventually expelled by Bud Martin, Mr. Donatelli's cagey old assistant....
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